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Effective Leadership Communication Strategies: WAIT, Why Am I Talking?

[fa icon="calendar'] Apr 2, 2019 7:53:00 AM / by Lorraine Aguilar

We recently asked Lorraine Aguilar, Chief Engagement Officer at Working Harmony, about how leaders can do better in the workplace. This is part 2 of 3.

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Communication is, above all else, a mindfulness practice. It's less about the words and more about the intention. If we want to be powerful, if we want to be influential as leaders and influencers, we must be mindful of our intentions and to use that as a secret superpower.


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Communication for Leadership Success

As an executive coach, a common question I ask in my coaching engagements is, "Can anything I say at this moment improve on the silence?"

So much about being an effective leader is empowering others instead of trying to be the superhero. If we really want to empower others, we must give them space to step into their own wisdom, to step into their own solutions, and support them as a leader, a coach, and an influencer.

Using the W-A-I-T Method 

A simple hack or device that you can use right now is WAIT. I didn't invent it, but it's something that I want everyone to use because it works.

W-A-I-T stands for “Why Am I Talking?” Before I go into a meeting, a performance discussion, a coaching session, or a difficult conversation, I pause and ask myself, "Why am I talking? What is my intention? What is my genuine desire to contribute here?" Is it because I wanted to dazzle everyone with my brilliance and prove to everyone how smart I am?


Effects of Labelling People

Catch part 1 of Lorraine's interview where she discusses how labelling people negatively affects our ability to lead.


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Lorraine Aguilar

Written by Lorraine Aguilar

Lorraine Aguilar is the Chief Engagement Officer of Working Harmony. Aguilar is a Leadership Development Consultant and Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication in California.

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