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Leadership Style Quiz: Identify your Style

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Do you aspire to hold a leadership position?  The first step to becoming a great leader is developing self-awareness. Self-awareness includes an array of touch points: emotional intelligence, awareness of your soft and technical skills, and an understanding of your leadership style.

There are many leadership styles, and each style has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses that are characteristic of that style. With our self assessment, you'll learn whether you are a Front-line, Postmodern, Transformational, Servant, Contrarian or Metamodern leader. 

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Leadership Styles

Understanding where you are in the leadership spectrum, and being aware of your strengths and weaknesses, is key to improving your performance. Knowing the qualities prevalent in your leadership style will enable you to adopt the correct traits and work on your weaknesses.

Front-line Leaders

Front-line leaders are hands on and exude passion. Front-line leaders are engaged and know how to connect with followers. They are emotionally intelligent, generous, and empower those around them to achieve their best.

Postmodern Leaders

Postmodern leaders are bold, cooperative, creative, and enjoy developing their teams. They value the contributions all team members make toward positive outcomes. They practice great self-awareness and regularly defer to experts if they lack the technical skills to make a decision. 

Transformational Leaders

Transformational leaders foster curiosity in their teams and work as agents of change. They work together to improve conditions and achieve goals. Inspiration and cooperation drive transformational leaders toward positive change.

Servant Leaders

Servant leaders are defined by their ethics and commitment to developing others. These leaders take a personal interest in lifting others up and the positive outcomes their organizations create. They lead by example and are guided by their ethics and morals.

Contrarian Leaders

Contrarian leaders aren’t afraid to go against conventional wisdom when appropriate or useful. Contrarianism is about the freedom to maintain intellectual and creative freedom while taking counsel into consideration. They are independent thinkers who spark new ideas, and their revolutionary spirit inspires others to take risks when necessary.

Metamodern Leaders

Metamodern leaders are the avant-garde, responding to unprecedented change with complex and nuanced responses. Metamodern leaders embody the paradox of pragmatic idealism, being immensely flexible while sincere and centered. They employ great imagination and are experts at creating a vision for their team.


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all leadership style for every business. All organizations operate differently and certain styles will prove more effective in some situations over others.  Take our interactive leadership style assessment to identify what leadership style you employ.


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