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Leadership in the Time of COVID-19: Randal Collins, Ed.D., Emergency Manager (City of El Segundo) and President of All-Hazards Incident Management Teams Association

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 25, 2020 2:31:47 PM / by Clarissa Kusel posted in Risk Management, leadership, infrastructure, Leadership Development, Leadership Journey, Leadership Skills

I started with the City of El Segundo in 2017, just six months after completing EML. The City of El Segundo maintains an All-Hazards Incident Management Team. We are arguably the smallest jurisdiction in the country to have such a team. Without EML, I do not believe I would have had the leadership skills to influence the city leadership to commit the time and resources necessary to build such a team. It is pretty amazing that the preparedness of El Segundo is intrinsically tied to the success of the EML program.

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Black Lives Have Always Mattered: Zenobia Gaither, BIPOC Leadership and Personal Development Coach

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 16, 2020 8:28:46 AM / by Zenobia R. Gaither, EML|EBC posted in Transformation, Inclusiveness, Public Health, leadership, social inclusion, inequality, Leadership Development, Leadership Journey, Leadership Skills, Change Leadership, Communication, Listening

As our Country enters into the third week of the Black Lives Matter Movement ignited by back-to-back acts of police brutality on unarmed black people it remains a magnified movement today. The recent loss of the life of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, has quickly escalated into the renewal of raising our consciousness for the need to dismantle white supremacy and systemic racism. A movement that is long overdue, wouldn’t you agree? As leaders today, we have a duty to incorporate daily practices that both addresses and supports the Black Lives Matter movement for the long haul.

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The Executive Leadership Cohort: Your Personal Board of Advisors

[fa icon="calendar'] May 21, 2019 11:32:44 AM / by Susan Gautsch posted in Cohort-Based Learning, Leadership Development

"Surround yourself with good people; surround yourself with positivity and people who are going to challenge you to make you better."

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How Much Work is an Executive Master of Leadership Degree?

[fa icon="calendar'] May 21, 2019 7:19:00 AM / by Susan Gautsch posted in Applying to Graduate School, Leadership Development

With 40 to 80 hour work weeks, countless business trips, responsibilities with kids, maintaining a marriage, and staying fit, many mid-to-senior level managers are overwhelmed as is, and the mere thought of taking on extra responsibilities can seem like a burden in itself.

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The Value of Leadership Development: Students Share their Experience

[fa icon="calendar'] May 17, 2019 11:56:43 AM / by Susan Gautsch posted in Leadership Development

Although going back to school can seem like a hassle, once students start the Executive Master of Leadership (EML) program, they find immense value. By working on themselves, investing in others, and integrating new perspectives, they become invaluable assets to their organization.

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